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2 – . PUNCTUALITY. Punctuality is a standard of our work. The school area will be enclosed once classes have started. Students’ lack of punctuality will be cumulative. After 3 unjustified delays per month the student will get a written punishment. If the student repeats this fault in CSE and high school, he/she will be under punishment to stay for two days in the coexistence classroom after classes.

3 – . ATTENDANCE. The student must attend school. Excused absences are those that are considered due to medical, legal or serious family reasons. Missing any of the classes over a school day is considered to be an absence. The student must justify absences and delays appropriately documented at the time of joining the class or within two days. The student will provide justification to the tutor after showing it to the teacher of the subject/s whose class has missed. When a student has more than six unexcused absences in a subject within a term, it will be impossible to apply the principle of continuous assessment; and thus, special procedures for evaluation will be established. To be absent from school, once the school day has started written permission by parents as well as tutor, coordinator or head teacher’s signature will be required.

. 4 – SAFETY. For security reasons, relatives or companions won’t be allowed to enter the school area (school corridors, classrooms and playground) during the school day. Pupils in Primary School will go alone to the playground to form a line or to their classrooms depending on the level. To collect pupils from Nursery School the instructions given in the meeting with parents at the beginning of the year will apply.

5 – . BREAKS. During the break time classrooms will be locked and students should remain in the playgrounds set for each level. No pupil may remain in the classroom during the break unless allowed by the corresponding tutor or teacher who is responsible for him/her.


6 – . PERSONAL HYGIENE. For the sake of respect and education the student will attend clean and tidy to classes and the way of dressing will be appropriate to their age for this reason the use of the school uniform is compulsory. Pupils or students will not show underwear. Wearing clothing with offensive messages that violate the values ​​proposed in the ideology of the school will not be permitted, in the same way clothes and accessories that may offend the sensibilities of others will be avoided.

7 – . CLEANING. It is not allowed to eat or to drink in classrooms. We must all work together contribute to keep our classrooms, corridors and playgrounds clean. After lessons, students may show special interest in leaving classrooms tidy, avoiding leaving any objects on the floor or ground.

. 8 – MATERIAL CARE. We will respect and use school classrooms, materials and documents properly as well as the objects belonging to any member of the school community. The current legislation will apply if students individually or collectively cause intentionally or negligently damage to the school facilities, computer equipment (including software) or any school materials or properties of members of the educational community.

9 – . BEHAVIOR . Respect will be shown to both teachers and members of the educational community as well as to all the students, always using an appropriate attitude and vocabulary. All students have the duty to respect the right of other students not to be disturbed during the educational activity inside and outside the classroom. Movements within the school day will be up and down the stairs and corridors without altering school coexistence. Students must transmit all information provided by the school to their parents or guardians and return transfer confirmation if requested. The commission of an offense outside the school day and the school area will not preclude the application of the appropriate punishment, as long as it has a cause-effect relationship with the school activity.

10 – . EXCURSIONS. The management team reserves the right of admission of students on school excursions and trips being the centre itself responsible for their care.

11 – . SMOKING AREAS. The school is defined as a non-smoking area. Smoking is prohibited in all the school area and so is the consumption and / or possession of alcohol and / or any damaging substance for health, for the integrity of the people belonging to the Educational community that encourages such consumption ( RD 510/1992 ) .


12 – . ELECTRONIC DEVICES. The use and display of electronic video types, mp3 readers, tablets, mobile phones or the like, within the school area during school hours is prohibited. If students break the norm the device will be removed by the teacher. It will be removed turned off and returned to parents or legal guardian in the presence of the student whenever possible. If the student is the legal age it will be returned to the student once the school day is over. In case of loss, the school will not be responsible for such devices. According to the Data Protection Law, The use of these electronic or Internet devices for recording, taking pictures, and other uses will be punished as provided in the legislation. The educational community will ensure the effective implementation of these standards and are confident that their monitoring will make facilitate the normal development of the school year. These rules included in the Plan of school coexistence, have been adapted to the Decree of rights and duties of the community of the Region of Murcia ( Decree 115/2005 of 21 October).


In the following link you can download a PDF file containing the General Standards of coexistence.