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Mirasierra School  is a Catholic school intended to help parents give quality education to their children that are our students.

We are an integrated school comprising: Pre-school First and second cycle (12 classrooms), Primary school (12 classrooms), CSE (8 classrooms) and High School.

Our main purpose is to promote comprehensive education for our students, inspired by a transcendental view of human existence and the principle of individual dignity, characteristic trait of the Christian spirit.

El centro

All activities held at school are developed in accordance with the principles of the Catholic doctrine, with the utmost respect for freedom of conscience. These activities are voluntary.

We offer families an educational project which emphasizes the individual’s values ​​open to other individuals. It presents culture as a means of communication among people and knowledge as a service.

We take part in the difficult task of educating under the mutual agreement of all those who in one way or another are involved in our project: students, families, teachers, administrators and priests who help us from our parishes, staff administration and services. All make up our educational community and must participate actively and coordinated to achieve our aims.