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At Mirasierra School, we believe that parents play an essential role in their children’s education and upbringing.

The family is the suitable context for the development of the individual, where the fundamental moral, intellectual and physical principles and attitudes are acquired. Parental responsibility covers all these aspects of children’s education.

Our school helps them in their task as first educators without replacing them: no matter the educational influence of the school on the students; it will never reach the depth or extent of the family atmosphere.


Quality education will be possible as long as family and school share values ​​and educational principles.

It is up to parents to choose the educational system they want for their children in accordance with their family project. When a family trust our school, teachers and all staff members work and collaborate with them in this task.

Teacher’s chief objective is to encourage and facilitate parents’ commitment to educate their children. Teacher-parents interview is a means to give them advice. We also offer courses, lectures, guidance readings and guidance on other means of training. At the same time, we assure regular communication between the family and the school about the situation of their children.