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The impact of new technologies, especially information technologies, in today’s society highlights the need for students to keep in touch with this reality in an appropriate way, in the systematization of an educational program.

Niña con tablet en patio del colegio

Applied Information and Communication Technologies to Education (EICTS) are used for different purposes.

  • As a tool to facilitate communication between families and our school.
  • As a means for online training of parents and teachers.
  • As a tool for teachers and students.
  • As a teaching resource to facilitate the learning of the curricular content of different areas.

To help all our students become familiar in the field of new technologies, we have the following resources:

Computers in the computer room are networked and have Internet access.

The school library is equipped with computers for students’ individual work and research.

We also have multimedia classrooms with interactive smart boards and networked computers and with Internet access.

Moreover, we have our own educational applications. Thus, each student gets used to computers at the same time he learns.

For the sake of communication between students, families and the school our website incorporates the ‘Aula Homero’ service; a tool that allows to know the student’s academic results as well as other issues.